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Closure Planning

Planning for the eventual decommissioning of a mining operation is extremely important in order to minimize adverse environmental effects and financial liabilities. This is an area where our expertise in areas such as Metal Leaching/Acid Rock Drainage, geochemical modelling, environmental assessment and mine auditing is extremely helpful to clients challenged with the development of the most appropriate closure strategy for their operation.

Closure planning issues vary with the type of mine (precious metal, base metal, uranium, diamond, coal), with the stage of mine development (greenfield site versus existing mine) and with climate (arid, temperate, wet). SENES has participated in closure planning at all stages of mine development, from prefeasibility through operations through rehabilitation, at sites all over Canada and the world. This experience allows us to quickly and efficiently determine what the key closure considerations will be for a particular site. SENES is well versed in the specific requirements of Ontario's Mining Act with respect to closure planning, and has successfully completed numerous Closure Plans across the province.

Prior to development of a mining operation is an ideal time to utilize the resources available at SENES. This is a time when decisions are made that can have large financial and environmental impacts in the future. Through the completion of numerous assessments, SENES is well positioned to help mine operators make decisions that will minimize the potential for financial and environmental impacts. Similarly, for mines that are already in operation, our experience with rehabilitation at numerous operational and closed sites may also be useful.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding closure planning or if you are interested in assistance with any closure planning issues you may have. We can provide anything from a brief review of an existing closure plan, to advice on a specific closure issue, through to a complete closure plan.